Defence And Security Accelerator Sees Increased Demand for BiD Masters' Support

Defence And Security Accelerator Sees Increased Demand for BiD Masters' Support

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LONDON, July 16, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- The Ministry of Defence's (MOD) Defence And Security Accelerator (DASA) has created unparalleled opportunities for small or medium-sized enterprises (SME) to fund innovations with defence and security applications. 

The MOD is keen to partner with SMEs for the development of innovative solutions as part of its DASA funding programme. There has been a flurry of themed competitions announced recently, ranging from bioprocessing waste oils, fuels and liquids into reusable products; to novel counter-mobility solutions to impede tanks and armoured vehicles. These are in addition to the on-going open call for other innovative products and processes. However, obtaining this funding can be problematic especially for resource limited SMEs.

Of the 799 proposals submitted to DASA in the 18/19 financial year, only 226 (approximately 28%) were successful in gaining funding for further development. A significant proportion of proposals were rejected due to flaws in the solution they seek to develop. But many proposals simply failed to communicate the solution in a convincing manner.

Creating a successful submission is not easy. It must articulate the benefits of a proposed solution to its end-user, with the required level of technical detail, and a compelling explanation of how this innovation will be exploited. Responding to the increased workload this creates is particularly challenging for SMEs unable to beg, borrow or steal additional resources from elsewhere in the company.

Creating a clear, concise and compelling proposal is a specialist task. As SMEs contend with greater resource constraints than most, it is no surprise that BiD Masters has received an increasing number of enquiries. BiD Masters' expertise in bids and proposals allows the SMEs to focus on what they do best: providing the technical expertise in their specialist fields.

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